“About a boy” by Nick Hornby *CONTAINS SPOILERS*

“About a boy” by Nick Horny is about Will, a 36 year old oblivious bachelor whom lives off of his father’s earning from a Christmas song he wrote, and 12 year old Marcus who acts too old for his age and is more concerned about his suicidal mother than a normal 12 year old should be. Will and Marcus form an usual bond, causing Will to grow up and Marcus to act his age. This story is full of graphic drama, unusual friendships, and feelings people are too afraid to admit.

The recognition towards suicide was astounding with the graphic scene of finding Marcus’ mother after an attempt with sick all over her, and the mention of Kurt Cobain’s death along with the understanding and discussion towards the issue. Furthermore it was incredible to see the unusual friendship formed between Will and Marcus, how they showed each other different aspects of life and guided one another to where they should be conventionally in life. The friendship was endearing.

It would have been lovely to see the character development of both of them growing together, however that didn’t happen. The reader saw Will get himself a girlfriend he was madly in love with for the first time, and realise what he should do in certain situations as a mature adult, and him stopping lying just to get the woman he wanted to sleep with him. On the other hand with Marcus, his development was the last couple of pages and the reader did not get to see a gradual change which was disappointing. Another aspect that was negative was Marcus’ continued friendship with Ellie after her smashing a shop window. Although he was meant to be growing down, he could still be mature enough to cut ties with Ellie after realising she was a very muddled individual. This being said, immature candidates of life keep friends although they know of their toxicity so supposedly this was a slight character development for Marcus.

“About a boy” was funny and endearing, definitely worth the read if liking an easy read is more your style. The reader could also learn something along the way. 4/5 stars.

“The Kissing Booth” by Beth Reekles *contains spoilers*

“The Kissing Booth” by Beth Reekles is fixated upon a 16 year old girl, and her best friend Lee. They share the same birthday, and have been the best of friends since they were born. The only dilemma is Lee’s big brother; Noah. Shelly has had a crush on him for as long as she can remember. And with Lee and Shelly, running the kissing booth at the school fair; who knows what could happen? This story is filled with love, parties, loyalty and the best of friendships.

In my honest opinion, although this book was such an easy read, which I enjoyed, I found it far too cliche. Shelly was far too much of a Mary-Sue. She had no flaws, and everybody wanted her, or they wanted to be her. Entirely unrealistic. Nobody hated perfect Shelly. And it always revolved around Shelly. All the gossip was about her, everyone was entirely interested in Shelly, and nobody else. I mean, I didn’t find her all the interesting.

Secondly, it appeared as if a really badly written fan fiction. Girl has boy best friend. Boy best friend has big brother. Big brother is a bad boy. Girl has crush on bad boy. Bad boy has the same feelings. They fall in love and go behind best friend’s back, but everything quickly works out. So unrealistic and unoriginal. Plus it had so many grammar mistakes.

And the fact that Lee was so quick to forgive Shelly is what annoyed me. She snuck around and lied about having a relationship with your brother, completely risked your friendship, basically showing how little it meant to her if as soon as something good happens, she will risk that friendship. He forgave her in less than a day! If that were me, I wouldn’t speak to her for months, maybe not ever. That’s just not something you do. As they say; boys come and go, but friends are forever.

All in all, I found this book to be a blag. Absolutely no character development, glorifying violent behaviour, and damn right awful. This is one book where I did prefer the movie. 2/5 stars. And that’s being generous.

Call the Midwife by Jennifer Worth

“Call the Midwife” by Jennifer Worth is a non-fictional recall of Worth’s time as a midwife, with a different variety of stories of her time in the East end in a place called Poplar.

The book itself was very factual, which I enjoyed as I learned a lot for someone who’s never done anything with midwifery, and had an insight as to what it would be like. It was also extremely truthful, that fact alone made me enjoy the novel more as it didn’t beat around the bush as to the harsh realities of being a midwife/nurse to the under privileged population of Poplar. It was extraordinary to read about the cases that Worth came across, and how all patients and their situations are different. I appreciated how professionally she handled the situations despite the craziness at time, even keeping most things confidential until she wrote it in her book.

All in all I don’t have anything bad to say about this book. It was insightful, powering, and extraordinary. It was wonderful to be taken back in time to a time when my grandparents were young, and gain knowledge to events they could have experienced. I cannot wait to read another one of Worth’s books. 5/5 stars.

Letter to my nan

I’ve been thinking about my nan a lot lately. Although it’s been almost four years, the pain does numb but I do carry on missing her, and thinking about the times we shared. She was a beautiful woman; inside and out and I wish a lot of people could have met her.

Nevertheless I thought it was time to share the letter I wrote to her when she first died, and the letter that she is buried with.

“Dear nan,

It feels weird now that you’re gone; I keep hearing your voice. I keep thinking you’re going to walk right through that door, turn to me and say “You alright love?”.   I just can’t get my head around that you’re not with us anymore, and you’re not going to be able to do any of the special things that made you my nan.

See you nan were one of a kind but that’s what made you special. You were selfless until the day you died, caring about us more than you cared about yourself. You didn’t like to see us hurt or upset, you always tried anything to prevent it and help if you could. You were amazing, always strong for all those around you. Never cried; you kept us strong. You were our rock. And you have no idea how much you being strong inspired me throughout my life with different situations. I always thought “Nans strong no matter what, and I want to be like her”. Even now I still do that.

I look up to you a lot. You were the most caring grandmother, mother, wife and I seriously hope to be just like you some day. I’m going to go to swimming with my future kids, support them in any sport they do by making sure I’m there every time cheering them on like you always did for me. I’m going to sing the same song over and over again with them every time in the car just like you did with me. I’m going to tell them the truth whenever they ask me questions, being completely open just like you did with me. I’m going to listen when they need me, letting them vent until they needed me to say something and guide them in the right direction just like you did with me.

I never realised how much the little things count until you were gone, it was the little things that meant so much to me and showed me how much you cared. For example when you used to give me the leftover uncooked pastry even though it was really bad for me but you did it because you knew I liked it. Or you always knew when something was wrong with me; you never pestered me and knew I’d come to you when I was ready. I really appreciated that. Or when granddad was being cheeky, you’d slap him playfully, granddad would pretend he was in pain and when I said “Nan do it again! I didn’t see it!”, you’d do it again because you knew it made me laugh. There’s so many little things that I could go on forever, but I hope you know how much they all meant to me.

In fact you mean a lot to me, always will. That picture of you and me when I was 2 and a half on holiday in the ‘nanny and me’ frame that you always kept on your side, is going to always be by my bedside no matter how old I get. Even when I’ve got grandchildren of my own, it’ll still be there. I want everyone to know my nan, and how much of a great person you were. I’ll tell them all the stories over and over that we shared together, and stories I’ve heard myself. You were a hell of a character, always up for a party and a good old boogie. You were really the life of the party making everyone laugh with your one-liners and sassiness. I’m seriously going to miss that, and you in general a lot.

I do hope you’ll be proud of me when you’re looking down and you’re proud to call me your granddaughter, like I’m proud that you were my nanny. I love you, sleep tight angel.

Lots of love

Your granddaughter



“On the other side” by Carrie Hope Fletcher *contains spoilers*

“On the other side” by Carrie Hope Fletcher is about an woman who has just passed away, in heaven’s waiting platform which happens to be her old apartment block as it was the place she was most happiest. However she can’t get into her old apartment as she has some unfinished business. This story involves her telling her secrets to her loved ones down on earth so she can get into the place she was most happiest. With love mixed into it, magic, and horrible parents she tells her story.

I must say this story was very sweet. She was a selfless woman, unlike her parents, and did what was best for her family rather than herself. I enjoyed it very much and couldn’t wait to see what would happen next. Plus it did make me question things in the afterlife and I did think that part of things was very interesting. I adored the love story behind everything and it did make me believe the saying “you never forget your first love” more.

Furthermore I found some factors of this tale very unrealistic such as the bird, the heart being taken out of her chest that grew into a tree that only she found nice, as well as her old love and when he tasted it, he died so they could be reunited. The bird I could have accepted as mysterious things do happen. Whereas the heart I could not, and I thought that part of things was too fairytale like.

Overall the book was very fascinating, well-written and overall fantastic. Miss Fletcher has some excellent writing behind her, and I have no doubt she will produce remarkable books in the future. 3/5 stars.

The Notebook by Nicholas Sparks

“The Notebook” by Nicholas Sparks is a romantic novel by the king of romances, himself. The novel includes two characters by the names of Noah and Allie who were destined to be together. Noah reads to Allie the story of how they found each other once more, and reconnected.

This story is romance at its finest. As the reader, I could feel the love for myself. A love that is so deep and beautiful, that it’s admirable. I adored the characters, naturally feeling as if I was watching them as a spirit in the house. It was easy to have the imagination as the words flowed with such rhythm, and it was effortless to picture everything within the story.

However, this little confession makes me feel guilty towards the two main characters as I have them both close to my heart but; I think the movie adaptation does the love story more justice. There’s more to it, and you could see their love grow and not just be there automatically. You got to know them more within the movie, and therefore it was an enjoyment to see their romance. Whereas the book focuses on only two times in their lives. It was interesting and still allowed me to feel soppy, but also slightly boring. This is the only time you’ll hear me say this; I enjoyed the movie more.

Nevertheless it was still heartwarming, and the perfect book to begin February with as it’s so close to Valentines Day. And I won’t deny I teared up slightly as some points. 3/5 stars.

50 facts about me

I personally think it is very important to get to know the person you’re reading about. Although you can get to know them through posts, I’m going to be direct about it and let you get to know the basics about me. So whether you care to know or not, here’s 50 things about me.

  1. I’m 20 years old
  2. My favourite animal is a monkey
  3. I love the rain
  4. I go to the gym every other day
  5. I’m a chocoholic
  6. I love reading
  7. I love Harry Potter
  8. I’m into heavy rock
  9. I have four tattoos
  10. I have a nose piercing
  11. I dye my hair far too much
  12. I smoke unfortunately
  13. I aspire to be a journalist
  14. At the moment I work as a carer
  15. I’ve written fan fiction in the past
  16. My email embarrasses me
  17. I can be a talker
  18. I’m very close to both my parents
  19. I have a half sister
  20. I love McFly
  21. I hate snow
  22. I love the build up to Christmas
  23. I have an overactive imagination
  24. I have discovered that I love older era television shows
  25. My favourite movies include Titanic, Drop Dead Fred, Beaches among a few
  26. I’ve been to Disneyland Paris twice
  27. I love anything to do with ghosts and the paranormal
  28. My eyes apparently change colour (never seen it myself)
  29. I love horror movies
  30. I once puked in front of my entire Year 5 English class
  31. After that incident above, I got called ‘sicky’ for well over a year after
  32. There was also an incident where my gym shorts somehow got tucked into my knickers, I didn’t know about it and I flashed my entire bottom to the rest of the gym class
  33. I do not miss school at all
  34. I don’t drink alcohol
  35. I’m not religious at all
  36. I don’t drink tea or coffee
  37. I love Disney
  38. I love learning
  39. I love visiting historical places
  40. I visit London a lot
  41. I’d love to be able to travel the world
  42. I’m very independent
  43. I’m also very stubborn
  44. I like to be productive
  45. I prefer winter over summer
  46. I aim to go to at least one music festival this year
  47. I have a strong set of beliefs
  48. I’m very passionate about what I do love
  49. I’m happy about how I’ve changed since last year, for the better
  50. This year is going to be my year

All in all those are the most important things to know about me. All other things change about me from year to year with what I’m going through etc, or my state of mind as with most people. Nevertheless these are the things that stay the same and always will. I’m looking to go forward in this up and coming year. Last year I learnt some life lessons, learnt to be kind and caring, made some mistakes and learnt everything happens for a reason. I went through hell last year but I’ve come out the other side, a more positive and better person for it all. I’m in a better place now and I’m happy.

Have a good weekend guys!

My goals for 2018.

Happy new year everyone! I’ve decided that this year is going to be my year, I’m going to get my life going and achieve things I never thought possible. It’s definitely going to be better than the last.

My goals include:

  • Eating healthy
  • Exercise more
  • Keeping the negative people out of my life
  • To be passed my driving test and driving by the end of the year
  • To be doing a degree by the end of the year
  • To have read more books than 2017
  • Give up smoking
  • To save a little bit of money

I’m going to review this at the end of the year and see if I’ve achieved any of these. I’m hoping to have achieved all but I’ll be happy with at least one achieved as it’s better than nothing. I wish you all peace and happiness and the best of luck for 2018.

2017 in a positive outlook

Although I’ve been through some terrible times this year and I’ve made some unforgivable mistakes, there are definitely some good things to have happened to me this year:

  • Got a new job that I love.
  • I have a boyfriend who’s incredibly loving and treats me well.
  • I’ve starting to get some savings under my belt.
  • My bedroom now looks lovely and complete.
  • I got one of my best friends back.
  • I now know my friends will support me through anything, and me the same back to them.
  • I saw a friend that I haven’t seen in so long.
  • I saw the true side to some people and I can now get that negativity out of my life.
  • I read 25 books this year.
  • I went to Disneyland.
  • I went to Harry Potter studios…again.
  • I’ve completed some driving lessons.
  • I’ve gotten into makeup and making myself look pretty and presentable.
  • I look after myself completely now. (I’ll be looking 25 when I’m 70 yo)
  • I’ve joined a gym.
  • I’ve learnt to meditate.
  • I feel kinder after everything, and more thoughtful.
  • I’ve gotten my anxiety under control.
  • I’m looking at creating a better me.

Although this year was one of the worst years on my life so far, I think it’s extremely important to focus on the positive. I’ve been through some absolutely tough times this year but yet, I’ve fought and I’m still standing.

One thing I’m going to do next year is get certain people out of my life. I refuse to let negative people into my 2018. Next year I’m determined for it to be my year.

Happy New Year! I hope you have a wonderful, loving and peaceful 2018.

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